Rounding out the year 2014 – with some late breaking news…

Another round of Congratulations are in order – this time for Beth & Isaac and Andy & Koda, the latest NW2 dog and handler teams!

After not quite getting NW2 in Spencer, MA in November, and then not quite getting NW2 after a long drive to NJ in December (Beth and Isaac), there was one shot left at a NW2 title this calendar year. December 28th Phillipsburg, NJ.  Not close, not cheap.  But with the next NW2 trial not on the calendar until May, and in Connecticut at that, they decided (maybe with a little encouragement from their friendly trainer) to bite the bullet and head to Jersey.

Andy and Beth practiced hard (Beth found what sounds to be a great practice location – her church!) and they got together to work on eliminating the false alerts that got them down in their previous NW2 attempts.  And both came home with a NW2 title!  I have not heard details yet, so Andy and Beth please chime in with your experiences.  Would love to hear all about it!

I wanted to give a shout out to everyone who participated in the Sniffin’ Socials held in Saco and York.  The food you all brought to the pot lucks was amazing!  Let’s see if I remember the menus:

Saco – buffalo chicken dip (thank you David & Kendall!) 7 layer Mexican dip, Snickerdoodles, Quiche, lasagne, assorted cheeses, brownies, sweet potato chili, salad, meat balls, garlic bread, cookies, veggies, chips, stromboli… I know I’m forgetting something… and the “Gym” looked so festive!  I loved having everyone meet, from Intro to Odor to NW3 handlers, I hated to break up the conversation and bring in the dogs!  But they all had fun, and no dogs helped themselves to the food spread!

IMG_6457 IMG_6466 IMG_6463

York – (so bummed I didn’t get pics!) another smorgasbord – kale salad, red & yellow pepper casserole, stuffed pepper soup which was delicious with the home made rolls dipped in it, trifle, candy, cookies, strawberry squares, stromboli, deviled eggs, brownies – awesome spread!  And again, it was hard to break up the chatter and bring in the dogs, but they were CRAZY that night! It was pretty cold that night, and I think they were miffed that we left them out for so long – this isn’t our routine!  So they were all super speedy and on task when they came in – especially Jinxx, who was last, and clearly does NOT like to be last.  Good thing, too, since she destroyed the place.

Thank you all for putting in the time, effort, thought, and $$ into classes, training and trials to have fun with your dogs.  I know some nights are hot, some are rainy and cold, some nights you’re just tired and don’t feel like going out… but I appreciate that you do, and I know your dogs appreciate it, too.  What a successful year 2014 was – just look the Achievements page!  Here’s to another fun-filled year, with healthy dogs, healthy handlers, new challenges and new milestones.  Happy New Year!

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