Saco NW2 & NW1 Classes 2/24/15 **VIDEO**

We did a round robin of rooms tonight, keeping the odor in the same place for the most part, so the dogs searched “clean” rooms. There are some classes where I move the tin 3-4 times per dog in one room/area, and then the next dog comes in to work it. From the 2nd dog on, the whole room/area is filled with lingering odor, and each place the hide had been for the previous dog has some residual slobber, crumbs, and cloud of odor. Which isn’t a bad skill to work through – many times at a trial, a dog may come along and sniff/lick something that is NOT target odor, and then your dog comes in and shows interest. By watching the dogs work non-target or non-source odor, it can help you understand when your dog is on Birch (or Anise)

Anyway, these classes were NOT about that… in these classes your dogs got a room where the odor was only in one place, hence a “clean” room. I did the same hides (with one change) for the NW2 and NW1 dogs, and, if you watch Monday nights NW3 video, I did the same hides for the NW3 dogs. The difference between the classes? NW3 has a WHOLE new challenge of not knowing how many hides there are, and the handler is really trying to watch their dog to make sure they’ve covered all areas, not missed anything, yet not keep them searching so long that the dog tries to please the handler by false alerting. For the NW3 and NW2 classes, I did diffuse / inaccessible hides. The yellow bucket hide for these classes was on the metal handle against the wall… unless the dog really pushed their way in and moved the bucket, or reached over the top of the bucket, they could not really get to source. In these levels, this type of hide does NOT require pinpointing – anywhere along side either bucket, the split in between the buckets, or over the top of the buckets would have been an acceptable alert. For the NW2 class who searched the small orange room w/ the couch, the hide in the paper towel tube was also inaccessible… I had the garbage can in front of the stool the paper towels were on. Again, unless the dog was tall enough to reach over the garbage (Calvin) they really couldn’t pinpoint. For NW1, I had the yellow bucket hide accessible to the dogs on the side of the handle, and moved the garbage away from the stool.

Special thanks to Catcher, who alerted on some white chairs in the break room. I had not placed a hide there that night, so I told Janis no, that was not it… he gave such a clear, beautiful alert! AND it was in the SAME place BoomBoom had given a clear, beautiful alert the night before… so while he was sourcing the hide I HAD placed that night, I checked his work… sure enough, 3 chairs deep, there was a birch tin that must have been there from 3 weeks ago. Thank you Catcher! Trust the dog… and if you’re not sure, at least check his work!

Without further ado, here are the videos from both classes… enjoy!

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