In Remembrance

2015, while full of Nose Work successes, was also filled with some goodbyes.

The most recent Nose Work dog to cross the rainbow bridge is Jolie, a happy, silly, tries hard to please (and get treats!) Golden Retriever.  We will certainly miss her antics in our Wednesday night York NW2/NW3 class!  And we will miss her chauffeur, ah, handler, Carolyn, with her commentary, humor and presence before and after class.

Izzie and Jolie were in the same class, and I can see them reminiscing about the times they false alerted on Craig & Carolyn (and me) and getting a good chuckle out of it.

And there was Buddy, who passed away this fall.  As one of my original Nose Work students from Saco, he still got excited to do Nose Work right up until the end, at age 14.  His housemate Cecil continues to play the game.

Let’s hope 2016 is a strong, healthy year, filled with learning, success, fun and appreciation for all things dog.


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