Saco NW3 9/27/17 **VIDEO**

This class I did some repeat hides from my Monday night NW1 class. For the NW3 dogs, I did not pair, and had them run all the stump hides one after the other. Also, the last stump pile had 2 hides. So, they had the one hide on top of the first stump, the hide in the 2nd stump, and 2 hides in the big pile of stump and wood chunks. I think you’ll see they work it similarly to the Monday night class, catching odor pretty much at the start, and being clear when at source.

We did the same tractor hide, but I also added a hide on the fork attachment. This hide was high on the metal fork, and the dogs had no problems with it. It might have looked different if the wind was going towards the tractor – that high hide placement would have collected on the tractor, and possibly caused some confusion. But, the wind was blowing away from the tractor, and the dogs had no problems w/ this, even in the dark!

Then, being a small class this week, we went inside and did one hide that had been sitting there for over an hour. It was a table hide, but really, a suspended hide, since it was up under the middle of the table, not on the edge. You can see the corgis work the edges of the room, since odor is all collecting on the edges of the room, in all the stuff. Since they are below the hide, they are not able to follow it in a straight line from the rubbermaid tubs to the hide under the middle of the table. After watching it back, I would have rewarded Catcher at about 5:20, I think that is the closest he got to the hide. Of course, we don’t know that until he leaves it and doesn’t get that close again. But, I hope the video gives you an idea of what that sort of hide will look like – lots of chasing odor around the room, trying to narrow it down to the counterpoint (source) I think Billie Sue had a good learning experience. While we rewarded her slightly before she got to source, we rewarded her when she was on her way to getting to source. She worked it from the chairs in towards the center of the table, and you could see that she was “on to it”. I ended up bringing Coach in at the end – he came in straight from the car with no warm up, and has never really worked something quite like this before. It takes him a little while to figure out it’s in the second room, as he chases odor all around the orange room. I love how he moves from the plastic bags to the table, and spends a LOT of time detailing the two chairs, before dipping under the table. Thank you for videoing for me Janis! All the dogs work the room in a very similar manner, showing us where the odor is collecting.

I think this was a good night of working outside, thinking about the wind/breeze and how it affects the search area and your dog, we got a vehicle search in, and a challenging interior. Very productive!

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