Nov 16, 2017 York Class – Suspended hides

Wow, sorry I’m so behind on getting this up for you guys!  This was a really fun class, I decided to take advantage of the 1/2 hour I had between my Agility class and NW class to set up something fun.  Normally, I’m hustling to get the agility people out, and set out some hides, so having that extra 1/2 hour was luxury!

I really liked this – I think the room looked really fun, I got to try out my new tripod for my phone/camera (although the remote wouldn’t work on bluetooth inside the building)  In hindsight, a smaller area would have been more helpful for the dogs to catch odor on, so if I’d had the ring gates or even the AFrame on it’s side, and set things up closer to the mirror wall, I think that would have helped the dogs work odor to source.  Some of the videos are quite long, hence the long time it took for me to upload to YouTube and post here, and the dogs go out of sight, but, it is fun to watch.  I could have / should have edited some of the beginning down, I would hit start before the dogs were ready so there is some dead time in the video, but watch the cups swing!  Shows a good example of the air currents the dogs were dealing with.  And some of the dogs in round 2 and 3 take a long time to find the final hide, but when they do, you can see the lightbulb go off.

While this isn’t something you’re likely to find in any NW1, NW2 or NW3 trial (maybe not in Elite) I like introducing the dogs to the concept of following a cloud of odor to a very specific source.  I think its fun for them, too, to figure out the puzzle.  Teddy seemed to like our new game of Nose Work piñata!  I also love the cameo close ups they make!

So enjoy!

Suspended hides – York 11/19

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