Pre Int Agility **VIDEO** June 19, 2019

Last week, on a rainy day, I had some time between private lessons and set up a little course inside to run w/ my dogs.  I video’d our runs, which I don’t normally make the time to do, and it was helpful to see where I was going wrong.

I liked the course so much, I set it up outside (now that the rain had stopped) for my Pre Intermediate class.  I video’d the class, and you will see some bloopers, some areas sped up, and some slowed down.  I also spliced in my videos, as well, the same paths that I had you run.  You will see some of my bloopers and how we reset / redo the course.  I try to keep it fun, not get frustrated (since most likely I’m the one who made the mistake, not the dog), and mix up what we are doing, so none of us get bored.

Janice and Toby and Jennifer and Nala got lots of runs in, and both dogs found some really good stuff on the ground to eat and sniff.  My runs indoors with my dogs look a lot different!  I didn’t have the distractions of the field, and it was a smaller space.  We all started by working on a simple course – just jumps and a tunnel – but it was not easy.  The first run was a simple horse shoe shaped loop, and then we did a diagonal path, and tried some different crosses.

Here it is!




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