The long awaited Adv SW **VIDEO**! From 7/2/19

I am so sorry this has taken so long to publish!  I hope it is useful in helping read your dog, your body language, and your dogs response to you and the odor.  It is about an hour long, and is 2 videos of Seun, Arther and Beans.  Each search is seen in real time, and then again in slo-mo, with captions.  There are areas I speed it up, which is also interesting to watch!

If I remember correctly, my goal for this class was a) to work outside b) to work thru distractions c) work multiple hides, some fairly close together and d) to learn about how the dogs are telling us there is more than one hide.  I think we hit all the check boxes, although you’ll have to let me know if the last goal was accomplished.

Weather: nice and cool – yay!  However, I didn’t realize it was going to rain on and off all evening, so, another check box (“worked in rain”).  The distractions came when the manners class let out, and agility class arrived – lots of comings and goings to start, which I did not video (this was when we worked the rotunda, in effort to stay out of the rain). Lots and lots of dog smells, dogs in line of site, dog and people noise, car doors closing.  I don’t recall the dogs who were working being at all distracted by all this… it was more the dogs waiting their turn who had to be kept occupied during the comings and goings.  The hides were somewhat simple, in that they were mostly on the white fence posts, either nose height or on the ground, yet the wet foliage certainly collected a lot of scent!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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