Back to School

Wow, do I always have trouble with videos! But finally was able to get some put together…

I hope you all had fun back at class – I know I did! I think your dogs were happy, too, although I could see some fatigue setting in by the last run. Which of course, I made the most challenging re. hide placement. If you think about it, they were back in class w/ other people and dogs for the first time in months, we worked outside for the first time in months (for some dogs, for the first time ever!) and depending on which class you were in, it was windy/warm/sunny/breezy. So lots going on for them!

I grabbed some neat still photos from each of the classes, let me know if you’d like your own copy of yours. I tried to video pretty much the whole class, in case anyone couldn’t hear thru the mask, wind and distance. So feel free to scroll thru to your run. However, I hope you take a peek at the other classes runs.  You all did pretty much the same set up, but based on the environment (ie, weather conditions) and experience of the dog and handler, you’ll see some different searches.

5p Tues evening Class

6:15p Tues evening class

Videos from the Wed classes coming soon!

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