2015 Achievements


2015 is off to a good start!

~NW3 / NW3 Trials March 21 & 22 Cobleskill, NY~ 

Sarah & Roxie NW3, NW3-Container title

Pam & Isabelle NW3-Interior title, NW3-Exterior title

Holly & BoomBoom NW3-Exterior title

~NW3 Trial April 25 Dighton, MA~

Sarah & Roxie NW3-Exterior title

~NW1 Trial April 26 Dighton, MA~

Janis & Catcher NW1

Donna & Teddy NW1

Sarah & Max NW1, 2nd place Vehicles

Kim & Bailey NW1

Kathy & Buddy NW1

Barbara & Midnight NW1

~NW2 Trial May 23 Litchfield, CT~

Janis & Billie Sue 2nd place Vehicles

Barbara & Oasis 2nd place Interiors

~ORT June 21 Franklin, MA~

Meghan & Zeke Birch Anise Clove

Jeanne & Gidget Birch Anise Clove

Jeanne & Tyrah Clove

~NW2 Trial July 4 Huntington, MA~

Janis & Billie Sue NW2 Title 2nd place Overall 2nd place Interiors 3rd place Containers

~NW3 Trial July 5 Huntington, MA~

Holly & BoomBoom NW3-Vehicle title

~NW3 Trial July 6 Huntington, MA~

Mike & Logan NW3-Exterior title, NW3-Container title

~ORT August 2 Franklin, MA~

Pam & Quattro Birch Anise Clove

Welcome to the busy Fall Trial Season! 

~ORT September 20 York, ME~

Margeurite & Bella Birch Anise Clove

Cathy & Phil Birch Anise Clove

Travis & Eliot Birch Anise Clove

Kathy & Gemma Birch Anise Clove

Kendall & Calvin Anise Clove

Janis & Catcher Anise Clove

Sarah & Max Anise Clove

Lucy & Cecil Anise Clove

Donna & Aggie Anise Clove

Pam & Aspen Anise

Andy & Billie Sue Clove

Kim & Bailey Clove

~NW3 Trial September 27, 2015 Ashby, MA~

Andy & Koda NW3-Vehicle Title

~NW1 Trial October 10, 2015 Spencer, MA~

Cynthia & Sam NW1 1st place Containers

~NW3 Trial October 16, 2015 Martinsville, NJ~

Andy & Koda NW3-Interior title, NW3-Exterior title

~NW3 Trial October 24, 2015 Mashpee, MA~

Mike & Logan NW3 Title, NW3-Vehicle Title, 3rd place Overall

Beth & Isaac NW3-Interior Title, NW3-Vehicle Title

~NW2 Trial October 25, 2015 Mashpee MA~

Sarah & Max NW2 Title, 2nd place Overall, 1st place Interiors, 3rd place Exteriors

Kathy & Buddy NW2 Title

Barbara & Oasis NW2 Title

Andy & Panda NW2 Title

~NW3 Trial November 20, 2015 Stanhope, NJ~

Andy & Koda NW3 Title, NW3-Container Title

~NW3 Trial November 21, 2015 Kingston, NH~

Mike & Logan NW3 Title

Beth & Isaac NW3 Title, NW3-Exterior Title

~NW3 Trial November 22, 2015 Kingston, NH~

Sarah & Roxie NW3 Elite Title, 3rd Place Overall, 3rd place Exteriors

Holly & BoomBoom NW3-Container Title

~L1C Element Trial December 6, 2015 Foxboro, MA~

Andy & Koda L1C title

****Can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!!****




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