Classes & Training Events

**2018 Class Days and Times**

Classes in York, ME

Held at it’s a dog’s world  Call 363-0099 to register & verify start dates


All classes are taught using positive reinforcement and shaping behaviors, working towards independent obstacle performance and obstacle commitment.  Dogs will work at their pace, building confidence and clear understanding of performing the obstacles.  Focus will be on teamwork and connection, working as partners, as we add obstacles and complexity to the courses.

Beginner / Upper Beginner Aglity Combo – Thursday 5pm Taught by Pam Belcher.  For dogs brand new to agility, or those who have recently completed Beginner Agility. Dogs will be learning to focus on and take direction from their handler, while performing simple obstacles.  Handlers will learn how to direct their dogs, doing front crosses and working the dog on both their right and left sides.  Dogs and handlers will be doing a short course by the end of the 5 week class.

Pre Intermediate Agility – Wednesday 5:30p Taught by Pam Belcher  For dogs who have completed at least 2 rounds of agility classes, or by instructor approval.  Dogs will be learning and gaining confidence on obstacles such as the dog walk, see saw and weave poles.  Handlers will be learning how to direct their dogs on courses, with side changes, front and rear crosses.

Intro to Nose Work – Saturday 8am Taught by Holly Roche CNWI(™) For dogs and handlers being introduced to the sport of K9 Nose Work(TM)

Intro to Odor – Saturday  9:15a Taught by Holly Roche CNWI(™) For dogs and handlers who have completed at least one round of Intro to Nose Work, have strong hunting skills in varying environments, and are ready to introduce a target odor

Continuing NW Level 1Saturday 10:30a Taught by Holly Roche CNWI(™) For dogs and handlers who have completed Intro to Nose Work and Intro to Odor, and are ready for more complex problems, building odor obedience and working on handler timing and leash handling skills

Continuing NW / Puppy NW – Thursday 6:30p  Special combo class Taught by Pam Belcher CNWI(™) For dogs prepping for an ORT or NW1 Trial, along with puppies just starting out!

Advanced NW – Thursday 7:30p Taught by Pam Belcher CNWI(TM) For dogs prepping for a NW2, NW3 or Elite Trial

**Events “judged” by Pam, Holly or Christina**

NW Mini-Series Vehicles & Exteriors w/ Pam Belcher CNWI April 15th & 22nd NW1 and NW2/3 @ it’s a dog’s world, Call to sign up! 207.363.0099

Stay tuned for more!

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